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Pre-operational Inspection Booklets vs Paper  

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I have this conversation a lot with our clients and I figured it would be good to share with everyone. When an accident happens, the Ministry or any governing body typically wants to see 3 items right away. The operator's qualifications (ie. theory and Practical evaluations forms, not just a certificate), the pre-operational inspection completed properly, and the PMs and maintenance for the lift truck itself. 

Before your employee operates the lift truck, the inspection has to be done. No ifs, ands, or buts. As a manager, you NEED to ensure this is completed. This is why carbon copy booklets/checklists are made. Even if the employee is walking over to the manager each time it is completed, you are risking losing that piece of paper. Which is why the book always stays with the lift truck, and the detached copy is with the manager. The more you move something, the greater the chance you have to lose it.

The manager will typically keep these for 60 days and then will discard them after that. This also allows the manager or supervisor to stay on top of issues. For example, an operator may think that a light out isn't a big deal, but the manager will see otherwise. Although this would not prevent the operator from using the lift truck that day, it allows the manager to order the part or call in your service team to fix the truck. The manager needs to be in a routine to look over the checklist for everyone's safety. 

Single pieces of paper get dirty, damaged, or even worse, lost. We see this all the time. Isn't it always the case that the ONE checklist you're looking for or need doesn't seem to be there. hmm.

Safety is not only about being proactive and creating systems, but it is also a "CYA" method. In order to create a process or policy, it has to be easy. The easiest way is to have a checklist booklet that the operator can place the one copy into a box or a tray when they complete the inspection and can get on their way rather than tracking down a manager to look it over or sign or not showing anyone at all.

You may think you are saving money with a piece of paper, but these booklets are only $11.50 cents each and booklets with a holder are only $29.95 each. 

Accidents can cost a lot more than that and isn't it worth the piece of mind? Get a booklet. Regardless where you buy it from, make sure it has the correct information on it and the operator completes the visual AND operational inspection to ensure everything is in working order.

if you are looking to purchase them or want to know what they look like, please see the two links below.

One book for All Lift trucks -
Individual Lift trucks (pack of 4) -


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