Stay on-top of training your employees with eVALUATOR!

The most complete, consistent, cost-effective and paperless Training Management System in the industry today!

eVALUATOR is the easiest way to Manage, Train and Certify your employees so you can focus on your business.

If your company is using or moving to an in-house training program, Has a high volume of turn-over, a lot of new hires, or Has multiple locations and trainers, then eVALUATOR is for you.


  • Digital evaluation forms
  • Storage of all training records
  • Automatically generated certificates
  • Recertification notifications
  • Legislation updates
  • Courses available in multiple languages
  • Custom branded site to match your companies colours and logo
  • All programs and electronic evaluation forms can be accessed on any mobile device
  • Full Health & Safety Course Catalog
  • Multiple Location Management
  • Micro-Learning Courses
  • Interactive and Engaging

Inside eVALUATOR is a full elearning course catalogue that was developed a team of health & safety experts along with award winning technical writers and adult learning specialists so your company receives the highest, most consistent quality of training. Our courses were also designed by professional animators that have worked in Hollywood studios and on shows like Bob the Builder so your staff stays interested and engaged!

Learners love it because our eLearning courses are created using micro-learning techniques which are interactive, fun and easy-to-use. Learners can take the courses anytime, anywhere - from any mobile device or computer in multiple different languages. They can even Pause, Rewind, resume and ask questions if they need help to our team of instructors standing by.

Managers and Trainers love it for the control it gives them. One simple log-in and they can Assign learners to any course, Complete practical evaluations digitally, Build Courses, Manage multiple locations, Run in-depth reporting, and even Seamlessly connect and integrate to another Learning management systems.

Managers can even add new Trainers anytime by assigning the professional Train The Trainer course to them that is included inside the system.

Increased quality at a reduced cost

Many employers don’t realize the actual cost of their Train the Trainer programs. When all of the factors are considered, including travel and time taken away from other responsibilities, these programs are expensive and disruptive.

Program Focus

Our program focuses on the following important topics:

  • The qualifications and skills needed to be an effective Instructor
  • What to do before an evaluation, including setting up an evaluation area and key questions to ask an operator before putting them on a truck
  • How to evaluate an operator’s preoperational inspection, and
  • How to conduct a driving evaluation, including what to look for and how to set up evaluation exercises for various types of lift trucks.

When used in combination with our forklift theory eLearning program, the eVALUATOR Training Management System lets your in-house trainer focus on evaluating instead of training, freeing up their time to get more operators certified – faster. Using the included free tablet to perform evaluations makes the process even quicker by updating training records instantly and ensuring that no paperwork goes missing.

The evALUATOR Training Management System also guarantees that each evaluation is performed with the same level of professionalism, no matter who performs it. Our program was created by a team of experienced industry experts, and you can be sure that each evaluation will reflect that same level of expertise and experience.

Developed by experienced industry experts.

Current Train the Trainer programs are dependent on individual trainers, who are often busy with other responsibilities and challenged by high turnover rates. With Lift’s eVALUATOR program, the courses are carefully prepared by a team of experienced experts in forklift training and online education, so everything evaluators need to know is thoroughly covered and nothing is missed.

The power of online learning

Our online courses can be viewed on any device, including smartphone, tablet or computer, at any time. They use a combination of animation, text and voice to provide viewers with a higher recall and active engagement than simply reading or listening can.

The effectiveness of online education has been proven over time and are now used extensively by most universities and learning centers around the world. According to a study by the U.S. Department of Education, students involved in online learning performed better than those in traditional face-to-face instruction *. 

Improved training ensures safer workplaces.

Every year, forklift accidents cause hundreds of serious injuries all across Canada. One of the main reasons for the accidents is because drivers are not properly trained.* Current Train the Trainer programs have proven to offer inconsistent and often inadequate results. The risks to workers and employers are real. They are also unnecessary. Our eVALUATOR program will make your workplace safer and ensure compliance.