Lift Truck Certification

This course covers theory and practical evaluations. Theory can be taken in-person or online. Graduates receive a three-year certificate.
Delivery Method
2-4 hours Theory
On-site Practical Evaluation(s)

Course Details

Includes a half day of theoretical work and facility-specific practical training.

  • >Legislation and guidelines
  • >Capacity plates
  • >Causes of accidents
  • >Control systems
  • >Equipment-specific training
  • >Operator responsibility
  • >Pedestrian awareness
  • >Power line clearances
  • >Practical training
  • >Pre-operation inspection
  • >Safe operating procedures
  • >Safety awareness
  • >Stabilizer systems
  • >Work site inspection

Up-to-date certification is required by law for all operators.

This Lift Truck Certification Course meets and exceeds the CSA Standards B335-15

What you will learn
  • Theory
  • Legislation and guidelines
  • Pedestrian awareness
  • Attachments
  • Power sources (battery and propane)
  • Capacity principles
  • Performing a pre-operation inspection
  • Causes of accidents
  • Safe operating procedures
  • Dock safety
  • Safety awareness
  • Load centers
  • Stability principles
  • Operator responsibility
  • Types of trucks
  • Battery charging and maintenance/propane exchange
  • Maneuvering
  • Dock safety
  • Parking/shutdown
  • Harnesses (pickers and turret trucks)
  • Pre-operation inspection
  • Load handling
  • Stacking/unstacking

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