Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for when calling around for training?

You should be looking at the quality of training you are going to receive. Most new operators believe that all training schools teach roughly the same thing, and that prices only vary because they are different companies. Comparing prices alone will only give you part of the story, and tells you nothing about the quality of the training you are paying for. Remember to ask how many hours of training you will receive!

Do you work with Social Services, E.I, WSIB, etc.?

Yes, we work with all governing agencies. Please contact us with your information for more details.

Do I need a driver's licence or anything else to become a forklift operator?

No, there are no requirements to become a forklift operator. No driver's licence is needed. We do, however, require our students to wear safety shoes while in our facility.

Why do some schools have a smart card/security chip on their certification card and others do not?

These features are completely unnecessary. A security chip is designed to hold secure information. Since there is no such thing as forklift license number, there is no reason to have it. Businesses and the Ministry of Labour do not even have devices to read this information. This is strictly a marketing technique, to make some certificates appear more "valid" than others. You can buy 100 of these cards online for less than $80.

Does a forklift certificate expire?

Yes. The old CSA Standard B335-04 set a practical retraining date of 18 months, but this is no longer required. The updated CSA Standard B335-15 sets an expiry period of three years from the date of certification.

Do you offer job assistance?

Yes, we provide assistance finding a job through our staffing agency. We specialize in forklift operators and general labourers, and we have put more new operators to work then anyone else! We give new operators the training and practical experience needed to get a job.

What happens if I fail?

No one "fails" at LIFT Training! If you do not pass your practical evaluation on your first day, we offer extra training time. You can schedule as much practice time as you need until you can successfully complete our evaluation. 

Are all certificates and training centres the same?

No. Many places offer lift truck certificates, but only a few offer complete, extensive training programs. Most forklift "schools" issue a certificate after only a few hours of training on a forklift. Some "schools" don't even put students on a forklift at all! In the forklift industry, these places are refered to as "certificate mills". They do not abide by CSA Standards. We meet and exceed CSA Standards (B335-15). Remember - a certificate will get you an interview, but only proper training and skill will get you the job.

What is the minimum age to be able to operate a forklift?

17 years old with permission from a parent or guardian; otherwise, 18 years old.

What is the difference between a licence and a certificate?

In Canada and the United States, there is no such thing as a forklift licence. A forklift certificate is awarded to students who demonstrate that they are capable of safely operating a forklift. It is sometimes referred to as a "forklift licence" because it looks like a licence, but it is not. Licences are issued by the government, and no government agency issues forklift licences.

What do the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and Ministry of Labour (MOL) have to do with getting certified on a Forklift?

The CSA and MOL have set standards and guidelines for training, which forklift schools need to meet. These standards include the minimum amount of training time required to get certified to operate a forklift.

At LIFT Training, we meet and exceed these standards. We ensure that you learn how to operate a forklift safely, to protect not only yourself but those around you.

I am from another province/country. Is my certificate valid in Ontario?

No, the certificate would not be valid in Ontario. Also, if you received a forklift certificate in Ontario, it might not be valid in other provinces/countries.

How can I register for the course?

You can register by email, online, live chat, phone, or in person.

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