About this course

This course is designed for individuals with little or no previous lift truck experience. It includes eight hours of classroom theory, eight hours of practical training (per forklift), a theoretical test, and a practical evaluation on each truck.

Every learner has different needs, and some require more than one day to be certified on a lift truck. While we cannot guarantee that every new operator gets certified after one day, we do offer extra training for those who need it.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will receive their Lift Truck Certificate, which is valid for three years from the issue date.


8 hours of classroom theory
8–48 hours of practical theory

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What you’ll learn


  • Applicable legislation and guidelines
  • Causes of accidents
  • Safety awareness
  • Operator responsibility
  • Pedestrian awareness
  • Types of trucks
  • Stability principles
  • Capacity principles
  • Load centers
  • Attachments
  • Power sources (battery and propane)
  • Preoperational inspections
  • Safe operating procedures
  • Fall protection training (for order pickers and turret trucks)
  • Dock safety


  • Preoperational inspection
  • Battery charging and maintenance / propane exchange
  • Maneuvering
  • Stacking / unstacking
  • Load handling
  • Harness donning (for order pickers and turret trucks)
  • Dock safety
  • Parking / shut-down

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a license and a certificate? Do I need a driver’s license to operate a forklift?

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