Train-The-Trainer Course

Written by Jordan Brimley, 07/12/2019

Train The Trainer – Evaluator Program. $9.99 per user per month Billed Monthly.

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Get access to all safety courses for your employees for just $9.99 per user per month.

This Train The Trainer РEvaluator Program is a NEW revolutionary way of training your employees. Your in-house instructor can not only train your staff with ease, but can also assign courses for employees to complete individually as well. Courses like Lift truck certification, WHMIS, Fall protection, Powered Elevated Work Platform and more! All for just $9.99 per person. 

The old Train-The-Trainer (TTT) course that training companies still sell today never works as its planned to. On paper it seems simple. Train a person in the company which will train the other staff members. Once they have their certificate and the company is compliant  We wanted to solve a problem in the industry and help our clients stay compliant and safe.

The TTT program usually consists of a 2-3 day program from a reputable provider (less than that from others) that your in-house instructor will attend. In these three days they will learn how to recite a generic course from a powerpoint and teaches them how to conduct a theory as well as complete practical evaluations from old methods. This person is typically a supervisor in the company or a manager of some sort. After attending the TTT program, they are expected to go back to their company and use the limited tools they were given to teach the staff.

There are a few problems with this, however. First, when LIFT Training trains an instructor, that instructor goes through 500-700 hours of training and shadowing before they can officially certify anyone. In the TTT program, the in-house instructor only has 16-24 hours tops and is sent on his way with no shadowing.

Also, who is there to monitor what this in-house instructor is saying? The manager of the in-house instructor rarely if ever attends the course, nevermind sits in the class at their workplace to verify if this instructor is saying the correct things or not. Also, the training company never sends out an instructor to verify if this person is doing a good job and teaching the program properly.

Then there is the fact that they have another job they need to do. Whether is a manager, supervisor, foreman, etc. This instructor is never just an instructor. They always have their own job that they need to complete. So when work happens, and that instructor is being pulled away to run their department, how much time is actually focused on training? In our